Why find out where sharks go?

Sharks are at the top of the food chain and because of this they can tell us about the chemical pollutants in our oceans, the quality of our fish that we are eating and they can also give us a better picture of the condition of our planet! Whether we like it or not, the removal of sharks in our oceans will have a profound effect on everyone on the planet. Unfortunately, shark populations are declining, largely due to the demand for shark fin. To truly protect these apex predators and preserve the critical balance for the future of human populations, we need to understand the sharks' migration paths, movement patterns and different habitats important to their survival.

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9 Jan 2014
Australian shark scientist Dr Jonathan Werry teamed up with the French government to track more than 30 sharks across the Coral Sea The study found the animals travel further than previously thought.

27 Nov 2012
Bull sharks lurk in Gold Coast waterways but they'd rather call the natural river home according to a 3 year study by a Gold Coast researcher.

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